Involved in (at BTD STUDIO)

code-X Deathland

Deathland is a MMORPG currently available for iOS/Android. I worked on this title at BTD Studio (Tokyo) as the lead client programmer and tools developer. I have been responsible for creating the underlaying game engine, the scripting system and tools for quests and events, the client application, and much more. The whole developing phase took over 2 years, and to this date the game has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on GooglePlay / Apple Store.


Panels is a puzzle game for Android/iOS I developed while at BTD Studio (Tokyo). I was responsible for almost all of the game programming and tools development. I designed the software in such a way that the game code could be 100% cross-platform, which allowed the app to be shipped simultaneously to Google Play and the Apple Store, without having the need for a time consuming phase of code porting.


Hayabusa is a world class strength artificial intelligence program for the game of Othello. I have been researching and developing Hayabusa in 2013 while at BTD Studio (Tokyo) for a Othello AI contest that was broadcast on Japanese television. Hayabusa was featured in 3 different television shows and came out undefeated.

Personal works


"Sugar" is a prototype game of a 2.5D platformer that I've been making with Unity in my spare time. The project has no budget, no schedule, and it is meant for experimental purposes, so it is constantly evolving. I've been making the progam, the models, the animations, the intro/victory music and some of the textures for it.


SWEAT is a cross-platform, script-based game engine made with libgdx that aims to make game development easier and more fun. The tool suite is now under development, and features some useful editors for sprites, animations, and scenes. The scripts for the engine can be made in Java to allow for maximum flexibility, and the engine features automatic collision detection and finite-state-machine based scripting.


Yugen is a classic 2D fighter game engine made with SWEAT. The engine is work-in-progress, and is a modern re-design of famous M.U.G.E.N. engine. The goal of Yugen is to make 2D fighter games development easy and out-of-the-box cross-platform. The engine currently features collision detection, complex command recognition and default FSM states for commonly used fighting moves such as punch, kick, jumping, etc.


Empolyed at BTD Studio (Tokyo) from 2010 to 2015 within the R&D team. Involved in numerous game projects such as those presented above.


Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Trento in 2007.

Specialized in Game Programming at Tokyo Netwave professional school in 2010.